?Is XTRA a joint product of Iran and Germany

Yes, XTRA is a registered trademark in Germany. All XTRA products are produced by the technology and standards accepted by Germany

?What are the board sizes in XTRA Products

XTRA Products are offered in two main sizes (with different thickness) as below

  • a.1830X3660X (8, 16, 25 mm) (this size is also known as 6X12 feet)
  • b.1220X2800X (8, 16, 18 mm) (this size is also known as 4X9 feet)
  • c.1830X2440X (3 mm) (this size is also known as 4X8 feet)
?Why should we choose XTRA

Afra Industrial Group is obliged to offer the top quality products; but because we believe, it is an essential rule and our customers’ indisputable right. Having that in mind, XTRA is made of four imperative parts: 1. High quality raw materials 2. High-tech production lines and skilled staff 3. Quality management 4. Customer services

?What does synchronized texture mean
  • Synchronized, or “embossed in register” textures are the textures based on the design of each décor in XTRA Plus category.
?What decors are there in each XTRA category

We keep XTRA Products up to date, as a result, we always add new and modern decors to our collection, but at the moment the decors in XTRA category are as below:

  • XTRA Rosya total 41 decors
  • XTRA Solid total 26 decors
  • XTRA Plus total 50 decors
?What textures and finishes does XTRA provide

XTRA products are produced with different textures and finishes, but we are ready to provide our customers with any desired textures.

At the moment, textures can be divided as below:

  • XTRA Special“, “Natural“, “Stone” and “Wood grain” texture in XTRA Roysa subcategory.
  • Cotton-Matt” texture in XTRA Solid products.
  • Synchronized” textures in XTRA Plus products.
  • Sprial” texture also in some products of XTRA Plus.
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