About XTRA

As a learning organization and knowledge based enterprise, Afra Industrial Group has always aimed for producing and offering top quality products, in international standard levels.

With that in mind Afra Group founders put together a team of specialists and well trained workers to reach for this goal. The result of their hard work and persistence lead to introducing “XTRA”, a luxury brand for the taste of those who understand, admire and use beauty, simplicity and chick decors.

XTRA raw materials are all provided from the best suppliers in their field, including RAW MDF and décor papers from European producers. Also the high tech production lines are used, so XTRA can have off the chart quality and its users can be assure they get what they paid for.

XTRA in fact stands for the extra value of the final products which are gained by improving the quality of the impregnated papers and also the unique and trend designs chosen carefully by our specialists.

By believing in “Less is the New More”, XTRA presents quality, elegance and simplify all together and at the same time and tries to attract the attention of its customers that in today’s complicated world, peace and glory can be achieved as simple as XTRA decors.


Moreover, alongside its main mission for satisfying the needs our valued customers, XTRA takes pride in taking care of mother nature by creating artificial forests and using dead trees instead of deforestation.

XTRA is produced with more than 100 designs in three categories, XTRA Rosya, XTRA Plus, XTRA Solid, which all of them have been well accepted and well-liked by the customers and you can find more about them in the website.

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